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Notice and Future Development

Chris Richardson for Congress

Downloads - Writings of Chris Richardson

These are documents I have collected, written myself, or assembled on various topics like term limits, Ranked Choice Voting, Health Care, and a lot more will be written from the suggestions of the people I serve. I seek to turn many of these into actual bills once I get into office. I must admit that some may not be from me but that are of interest anyway. There is a list of links that will fill you in on various issues of the day.

FDR-Bill-of-Rights (pdf)

Single-Payer-3190807 (txt)

RCV-Database-Method-3190712 (odt)

RCV-Why-Vote-3190812 (odt)

Single-Payer-HealthInsurance-Parasite-3180425 (odt)

RCR-Science Questions for GPCA-3171128 (odt)

League-of-Women-questions-3180426 (odt)

What-do-we-do-next-3190629 (odt)

Aquifer-Cleaning-of-TCE-3190709 (odt)

Gold-River-Aquifer-Cleaning-of-TCE-3190718 (odt)

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