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Green Party Candidate for District 6


Platform for Major Improvements

Chris Richardson for Congress – 6th District, (Green Party)

Biologist/Programmer/One of the Founders of

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I help in providing Medicare for all (single payer) health care issues.

I look for betterment of large and small industry and employees, consultants, workers, and their families.

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My Plan of Action for a Better Society

  • Prevention and early detection is enhanced with single payer health care.
  • Free Education from Kinder Garden to first grade through college or Vocational School.
  • Investment in the future, an educated electorate is an advantage.
  • Stop the monetary exploitation of the students’ future earnings
  • Stops wage slave situation for graduates.
  • Without Student Loans, Workers have more expendable income. The economy improves.
  • Improve voting democracy –
  • Stop undemocratic primaries.
  • Give voters more choice.
  • Make every vote count.
  • Increase the trust and accountability of the vote.
  • Everyone gets mail ballots
  • Make the Ballot visible for the specific voter (read only)
  • Capture Discrepancies Can Be Corrected via Vote Authority directed by Voter
  • Audit is Provided for each Ballot
Medicare for All (Single Payer) Health Care [fl_builder_insert_layout id=”188″] Free Education [fl_builder_insert_layout id=”189″] Ranked Choice Voting [fl_builder_insert_layout id=”190″] Social Programs [fl_builder_insert_layout id=”191″] Green New Deal – Cleaner Environment [fl_builder_insert_layout id=”193″] End Regime Change Wars [fl_builder_insert_layout id=”192″]

Reference Links

Further References

  • Jimmy Dore
  • Noam Chomsky
  • Abby Martin (The Empire Files)
  • Jill Stein, Chris Hedges

Vote for what you want and, not for the least worst candidate.

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